Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Friday, June 17, 2011

My New Do...Again!

A couple weeks ago I finally decided to go for it and cut my hair "short".  Last summer I cut about 7 inches off and this time it was a little more than 4. You can't really tell from this picture but it is an A line cut, something I have been wanting to try for a while & I was pretty nervous beforehand but just decided to go for it anyway and I am so happy I did! I also lightened it up a bit for summer! I think I will keep it this way for a few months and then start trying to grow it out again when Fall comes around. I guess that's the beauty of hair, you can change it as often {or not} as you'd like! 

Sorry for the awkward picture. I took it using the photo booth on the computer and was trying to decide where to look! 

Oh, I also started using Pinterest. Soooo addicting! Come see my Pins and let's Pin together! :)

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Happy Friday!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We're Back!

Hi there!! We had an amazing vacation. We were able to spend quality time with family and do a lot of touristy things! We were busy every single day & completely exhausted when it was all over. Jules did great on the plane {both ways, thankgoodness!} of course watching Yo Gabba Gabba & eating entirely too many puffs was extremely helpful during the 5 hours of air travel! 

Picture time!!! I am going to break up the picture posts, so I don't bore overwhelm you. :)

 First up the the shore, yes, THE Jersey Shore {Seaside Heights, aka. where Pauly D. & Snooki hang out when MTV is following them around}. Julianna had the best time running around and playing in the water. Even with the water being freezing cold she would have a fit when we took her out. We practically had the place to ourselves which made it a lot more enjoyable for us!

Hanging out on the boardwalk.

Julianna fist pumping & strutting her stuff in her onesie from the Shore Store. Gym.Tan.Nap. baby!! hahaha

Loving every second of exploring

Not loving leaving the water