Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We're Back!

Hi there!! We had an amazing vacation. We were able to spend quality time with family and do a lot of touristy things! We were busy every single day & completely exhausted when it was all over. Jules did great on the plane {both ways, thankgoodness!} of course watching Yo Gabba Gabba & eating entirely too many puffs was extremely helpful during the 5 hours of air travel! 

Picture time!!! I am going to break up the picture posts, so I don't bore overwhelm you. :)

 First up the the shore, yes, THE Jersey Shore {Seaside Heights, aka. where Pauly D. & Snooki hang out when MTV is following them around}. Julianna had the best time running around and playing in the water. Even with the water being freezing cold she would have a fit when we took her out. We practically had the place to ourselves which made it a lot more enjoyable for us!

Hanging out on the boardwalk.

Julianna fist pumping & strutting her stuff in her onesie from the Shore Store. Gym.Tan.Nap. baby!! hahaha

Loving every second of exploring

Not loving leaving the water


  1. That is too funny you went to Seaside! We live about 1.5 hours north of Seaside. Those were my stomping grounds as a teenager... I hope you got to visit some other areas of the Jersey shore - some of it is really beautiful (and not what's portrayed on that reality show)! Glad you guys had a good time - I hope you post more pics of Pretty Julianna on vacation! SHe's so precious! I wouldn't be bored haha :) I love her hat!

  2. Sounds great!!! I love the pictures of Julianna!!! So cute! I love her swim suit :)

  3. i love her little jelly shoes!