Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Julianna says....

Hope your day is filled with lots  & lots of  LOVE!!


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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bitty Bows Boutique Review & Free Gift w/ Purchase!

As many of you know I'm a lover...a lover of baby hair accessories! So when Kelly, owner and creator of Bitty Bows Boutique asked me to review her product I of course said, Yes!

I received this adorable "Allie" Felt Flower Headband to review and let me tell you, I absolutely love it!

 Here are a few of the things I love the most about this headband: The elastic has the perfect stretch for Julianna; it's not so tight that it was squishing her head and it's not so loose that it was slipping off her head every 3 seconds, the flower has an intricate and durable design that has already withstood Julianna's grip on several occasions & it comes in a variety of colors {Julianna is wearing “Shocking Pink”}.

 Bitty Bows Boutique sells a huge variety of baby bows,  baby clippies, baby headbands, and flower clips all handmade for our little beauties! A special feature found at  Bitty Bows Boutique is the No-Slip Clip”, these are made especially for those little ladies who may be lacking in the hair department and this ensures that even near baldies can wear beautiful clippies & bows. Give Bitty Bows Boutique a try and order your little lady something special. I know you will love them just as much as Julianna and I do!

And now a special promotion for my faithful readers!!! Bitty Bows Boutique is offering ONE FREE "Allie" Felt Flower Headband with any purchase of $35 or more!! Enter this coupon code at checkout- AllieHeadbandReview. This promotion is good through February 28th!  

Want to keep up with Bitty Bows Boutique special promotions? Just “Like” their Facebook page.

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Jules:The Shark Whisperer

Last week {before everyone became a pukey mess} Julianna had her first trip to the aquarium! I love sea life, so I have been wanting to take her for awhile and I am so glad we were finally able to go! She had such a great time walking{yes, she is a walker now!} around and exploring. Whenever we would move on to a new exhibit Jules would get super excited and just had to press her face right up to the glass to get a good look! Her favorite part of the day? I would definitely say it was the shark and stingray touch tank. I could not get her away from there! I thought she was going to be a little nervous...nope! She was so focused and loved every minute!! I love watching her explore new things, it's like I'm exploring for the first time too.

Uncle & Jules 

 Sharks developing in their eggs. I thought this was really neat!

 My favorite: Seahorses

Giant Lobster!

The sea lions were playing together. So cute!

AHHH! Sharks!!

Those little things sticking up from the sand are garden eels 

Guess what? I will be doing my very first  product review tomorrow! It is for one of my very favorite hair accessories!! You will also get a special offer, so make sure you visit us tomorrow!! :)

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Pukey & Poopy Weekend

Thursday= Pukey hubby

Friday night=Pukey baby & 1 round of explosive poop :(  {3 back to back clothes & sheet changes and laundry at 2am} Sleep= hardly

Saturday= no puke or explosions! yay! Just copious amounts of boogies and crankiness .

Sunday= no puke!! Hit hard with 2 rounds of  explosions {from baby not hubby...just in case you weren't sure.} which= outfit & sheet changes & more laundry at 2:30am.

Monday= Mommy feels pukey and exhausted. :(

Sorry for all this talk about puke and poop. Tis the life of a mommy I guess!

This was Julianna only a few hours before her rough weekend. She was having so much fun at the park!

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ladybugs & Polka dots: Julianna's 1st Birthday! Part 2

Are you ready? Lots of pictures ahead!!!

Napkin rings & favor tags by: A Little Lollipop Tree

 Guests each had their own takeout boxes to fill with candy from the candy bar on their way out. Babies got puffs! 

Water bottle labels by: Chickabug 
Stickers on cups by: A Little Lollipop Tree

Candy bar!! We had lots of candy and of course it was all pink and green; gumballs, candy buttons, good & plenty, cotton candy, rock candy, chocolate covered sunflower seeds, jolly ranchers, sour straws, marshmallows, dumdums,chocolate ladybug lollipops, ladybug cookies, cupcakes, chocolate covered Oreos {decorated as ladybugs}, chocolate dipped pretzels and personalized M&M's 

Chocolate lollipops!
Cupcake toppers & wrappers by: A Little Lollipop Tree

Birthday banner, photo banner & highchair banner by: Bella Baby Toppings
{BBT made the banner and I added the pictures}

Julianna's throne! 
Birthday hat by: Glitz & Glam Bowtique
Birthday bib by: Sticky Noodles

Mmmm cake! Jules was so cute and dainty when she was eating her cake. I helped her out a little by sticking her hand in it and as you can see, she had a big smile after that! 

Daddy & Mommy with the birthday girl! We both dressed to match the theme. :)

After cake Jules had an outfit change and then it was time for presents! So blessed by all of our family friends! Thank you!!!!

Julianna's party was hit and I am extremely happy with the way it all turned out! A HUGE THANK YOU to  my parents, brother, sister in-law and aunt for their helping hands!! 

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ladybugs &Polka dots:Julianna's 1st Birthday!

 We celebrated  on Sunday, and I must say, Julianna is so blessed to have such great family and friends! Even with the rain trying to spoil our fun! Can you believe it? We had  been having such beautiful weather here in SoCal the last few weeks and on party day of ALL days, it has to rain a couple of times throughout the day! Luckily the sun managed to peek through and we were still able to have a fun party!

I have TONS of pictures to share so I will be posting some today and the rest tomorrow!

This is the front of house. The ladybugs in the grass are from Michaels. They are wooden masks that I just painted pink and green. Best part? They were only a dollar!

The ribbon wreath made by me!

Door sign by: Bella Baby Toppings

 Waiting patiently for her guests to arrive!

 Tutu by: Kirra's Boutique .  I added the ladybug to the back of the onesie.

 Shoes: Twinkle Toes Boutique

Our backyard had about 200 yards of tulle!

Centerpieces: Me! 

I painted all of these little ladybugs too!

Stay tuned for  the rest of the pictures tomorrow!! :)

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