Monday, December 6, 2010

Jules Needs YOUR Vote!

 Remember Julianna's adorable ladybug costume? Well, the maker Kirra's Boutique is holding a photo contest with all of the little girls showing off their gorgeous tutus! So here is where YOU come in! Do you have a Facebook? If  the answer is yes, then you can vote! :)

First you have to "Like" Kirra's Boutique and then you are able to vote for Julianna's photo by "Liking" it! The photo with the most likes wins and gets a custom tutu!

Julianna sends a big THANK YOU for voting  and so do I!
Please  VOTE!


  1. Cool, hope you win this how exciting!

  2. Oh my gosh - Of Course I am going to vote for beautiful Julianna!! :) Count my vote in!!

  3. I solicited on Facebook to my FB friends... for them to vote too! Gotta help out a fellow baby-jules!! :)

  4. Voted!!!! Good luck to Julianna!

  5. Jules didn't win but Thank you so much for voting! :)

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