Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Santa+Julianna+No Tears= WIN

Last week we took Julianna to meet Santa and to my surprise it went better than expected! I was positive she would be absolutely freaked out by jolly old St. Nick because 1.) She isn't too fond of men she doesn't know. 2.) Facial hair=scary!. As we were waiting in line I was getting anxious and preparing myself for the screaming that I was sure would ensue once we sat her on his lap and before I knew it the big moment had arrived, it was time for Jules to meet Santa....

(click on the picture to get a better look )

She wasn't thrilled and she wasn't terrified and best of all there were NO tears!! I think Julianna was more confused than anything. She kept looking at him then looking at me and then back at him completely puzzled and probably wondering "Who the heck is this guy?!". I deem her first meeting with Santa a WIN! I hope next year goes just as well!

Did you take your little one to meet Santa? How did they do?

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  1. I like the picture of Julianna looking at Santa and he is looking back - very cute. Like she was secretly asking him for something special for christmas LOL.

    We did not bring our Julianna yet... my husband is a bit worried about bringing her b/c of germs (we are both a little germ-phobic) - He thinks there are tons of germs crawling all over santa from the parents that bring their sick kids to see Santa hahaahhaaa!

    I might sneak her out to see him next week when I have off from work ... and neglect to tell him - but then give him the Santa picture as a christmas present :) (and she lived to tell about it!)haha.

  2. love the picture of her and santa looking at each other:) cute dress and shoes too!!

  3. How precious! We have yet to take our girls to see Santa, we are hoping sometime next week. Fun times, gotta love it! I am so glad it was an easy visit for you and her LOL