Monday, February 7, 2011

Pukey & Poopy Weekend

Thursday= Pukey hubby

Friday night=Pukey baby & 1 round of explosive poop :(  {3 back to back clothes & sheet changes and laundry at 2am} Sleep= hardly

Saturday= no puke or explosions! yay! Just copious amounts of boogies and crankiness .

Sunday= no puke!! Hit hard with 2 rounds of  explosions {from baby not hubby...just in case you weren't sure.} which= outfit & sheet changes & more laundry at 2:30am.

Monday= Mommy feels pukey and exhausted. :(

Sorry for all this talk about puke and poop. Tis the life of a mommy I guess!

This was Julianna only a few hours before her rough weekend. She was having so much fun at the park!

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  1. Awww poor Jules! Poop explosions are never any fun! I hope she is doing better now (and you!!)