Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hi Friends!

WOW!! I have been such a bad blogger lately! I have been so tired/busy and have not been in the blogging mood. I'm hoping that will change soon and I will at least post twice a week! 

Anyway, I will be updating you on a few things in the next few days like...Julianna turning  2!! I can't believe how fast the last year just seem to come and go. She is definitely 2 and not afraid to show it! We had a Minnie and Mickey themed party for her and she had a blast! I will be posting pictures of that tomorrow! :)

 I am 30 weeks pregnant!!! Insanity! I skipped my 28 week update but I will be posting my 30 week update sometime this weekend. 

Also? I have some updated pictures of the baby boy! So stay tuned for that!  :)

1 comment:

  1. Julianna is 2 years old?! Wow! That is too funny - when we do our Julianna's party, we are doing Mickey & minnie B/c she just adores mickey mouse clubhouse! :)