Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tick tock...

That is one of the sounds I am hearing in my head right now. Why? Because I am scheduled to be induced tonight! ::gulp:: Our doctor is estimating the baby to be at least 8lbs or more! So he recommended that we move things along and get her out before she gets bigger! Am I nervous? Yes! Am I anxious? Yes! Are we ready? I hope so, because at midnight there is no turning back!! So we have spent the majority of yesterday and today making sure everything is clean and packed. The dogs know something is going on, they are acting just as anxious as us. I think they can feel the change coming.
So with these last few hours at home, I am trying not to stress out and just enjoy our time together...just the 2 of us. It is so surreal to know when we leave our house tonight we will leave as 2 and will come back home as 3! Amazing.Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers!

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