Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Baby Bjorn Saved My Life!!

Okay, so my title might be a little bit dramatic but seriously, I don't know what I would have done without it!! Having my hands free was a necessity so I could put her carrier in the gate check bag, without putting Jules on the gross airport floor or asking some random stranger to hold my baby while I got situated! Being able to have my hands free on the plane was also pretty great, of course she wasn't in it for the entire time, only when necessary. I would HIGHLY recommend bringing some sort of wearing device, especially if you are traveling sans help! And to think I almost considered not bringing the Bjorn...what was I thinking?

Julianna did better than I expected.Sure, she had her fussy moments on the plane but thankfully nothing too crazy! She had a little bit of a hard time falling asleep because she loves her own space when she sleeps(especially now that she is older) she is not a big fan of snuggling as of late. :( So her nap only lasted about an hour. I was hoping for longer but I guess some nap is better than no nap!!

I am sooo thankful that everything went pretty well this time around, now lets hope the same for our flight back home next week!!

Oh... and no poop on the plane!!! Yippee!!!!!

I may or may not post while we are here... we shall see how it goes! I hope everyone has a great rest of the week!!!

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  2. Lets hear it for no poop on the plane! That is great Ashley that you had the bjorn. I am sure it came in such great use the entire time. Have a great time my friend!

    Mama Hen

  3. Great to hear you made it safely and with no poop, ahhh nice LOL Have a wonderful time!

  4. Baby bjorn is a horrible carrier and bad for baby!! Please do research!!! Beco and Ergo are much much better!!

  5. So glad to hear you had an eventless flight! Don't know how you did it sans help...its a lot of work! You are def a super mommy!