Monday, September 27, 2010

My Husband

My husband is a man of character who understands commitment. He goes above and beyond to make his family comfortable, safe and secure.He is a man who is patient, loving,caring and wise. His support is unwavering. He is the only man I gave my whole heart to.
My husband, my partner, my best friend. I adore him. I am grateful for him. I cherish him. I love him. I am proud to be his.

Happy Anniversary my Love!

We took these pictures yesterday in honor of our 2 years of being husband and wife. It was fun to get all dressed up, even if it was ridiculously hot!  Thanks for taking great pictures sis!!!

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  1. beautiful photos!!! I stumbled across your blog today and low and behold we share an anniversary! My hubby and I are also celebrating 2 years of marriage today! hope you have a very special day!!

  2. Beautiful Ashley! You just don't see that anymore the love and dedication between married couples. This is what my husband and I aspire to be! Happy Anniversary! What a blessing!

  3. Happy Anniversary! Is that your wedding dress? So pretty.

  4. Very nice photos! My anniversary is coming up in 2 weeks, yikes!!!

  5. Visiting from Mama's Little Nestwork. Those pictures are beautiful!!!

  6. Oh Ashley happy anniversary! This is such a sweet post! Have a great night!

    Mama Hen

  7. This was really beautiful. Congratulations and happy anniversary.

    Following from the nestwork.


  8. Congratulations! Cute pics!

    And yes, that is one of the songs I was talking about except we say it "que linda manito." There are probably a couple of versions of it :) We do "palmitas" too & that's one of her favorites!