Thursday, November 11, 2010

9 Months!

Wow! Julianna is 9 months old and I am in shock... as usual. Shocked that another month has flown by, shocked that she will be in double digit months in 2 short weeks and shocked that her 1st birthday is only 78 days away!!!!! 

This is what's new with Jules:
  • 18.2lbs and 27.5 inches long
  • size 3 diapers
  • wearing 6 month clothes with a few random 3/6 thrown in.
  • cruising like a champ
  • can stand on her own.
  • loves waving
  • can high five-daddy taught her that...SO adorable
  • still TOOTHLESS!
  • deathly afraid of the vacuum & blow dyer...she starts screaming the moment they are on :(
  • loves "reading" her books
  • pretty much loves any food she is given. Definitely not picky!

I am happy to report that Julianna and I are feeling much better! We were both happy that daddy took such great care of us on his days off!

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  1. Your Julianna can stand on her own?! That is an awesome feat! Congrats! Little Julianna is progressing rather well I would say!! :) Great update!

  2. Wow, she is getting so big and is so beautiful! Those milestones are so exciting yet they grow so fast waaahh lol my youngest will be 18 months tomorrow, I just can't believe it.

  3. Ashley she is so cute! Happy 9 month birthday! Enjoy all of your time with her as a baby. Time does fly and these moments are so precous! Have a great weekend!

    Mama Hen