Monday, November 29, 2010

Something I Thought I'd Never Say.....

"Please stop chewing on that bone, Julianna!"
Haha! At least it was a squeaky bone and not a rawhide one...ahhh, the little things!! :)
Happy Monday! 

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  1. LOL! My pug is always chewing on my little one's toys...I guess its only a matter of time before it goes the other way!

  2. LOL that's awesome. I know that time is coming soon. Julianna was eyeing up Pepper's chew-bunny the other day ... she really was thinking she wanted a good chomp on it! hahaha!

  3. Hahaha too funny! Jax used to love Bella's toys so much more than his own, funny and gross at the same time lol.

  4. omg....our daughter's favorite place to sit for the longest time was our pug's bed!!


  5. Haha! Has she eaten dog food yet...because if not, I've got you beat. My sweet G got a kibble of dog food before........I know...mother of the year, right??