Friday, May 7, 2010

Mommy NEEDS a Date!

The Hubby and I have not gone out on a date in...well, since before Julianna was born! We use to go out at least once a week! Our "dates" now consist of us watching T.V. together after Jules has gone to sleep for the night. Sometimes it is nice just to have a quiet night in, but I really would like to go out just the two of us. So tonight we have our first date after baby! I am excited to be going out(even if it is only for 3 steps!) We have never gone out without Julianna, so leaving her is making me a tad nervous. I would probably be more nervous if it wasn't going to be my brother & SIL watching her. I know she will be well taken care of and I hope they wouldn't be afraid to handle a poop emergency, should one arise. We are not anticipating any such event but if it does, a little baby poop never killed anybody! I know they will do great!!! Go Auntie & Uncle!!

In case you are wondering, this is the movie we are planning to see for $11.00 a ticket:

A compromise- Not usually my genre of movie, but I will say this...I may have the slightest crush on Robert Downey Jr. and I may have only watched the first Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes because of him.

YAY! For after baby first dates!!

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  1. Date night is SO necessary. We don't do it nearly enough!

  2. Hi Ashley!
    I have a Sunshine Award For you! Please stop by my site to pick it up..Keep up the good work ;)
    xo Shelly
    ps happy mothers day !!!!

  3. btw your little girl is precious

  4. That is so great! My hubby and I just went out on our first date in 4 years last was a really nice dinner. Have fun!

  5. My hubbies and I are going to see iron man on our date night too! Robert Downey Jr is such a cutie! We haven't had a date since October so I can't wait :)! Have a great night!

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  7. BTW I'm presenting you with the sunshine award for being such a great blogger!

    It's at Desperate for Coffee to check it out.

  8. we went on a date this weekend and wanted to see that but we are SO not fans of opening weekend crowds. So we saw "date night" instead. Let us know how it is! :)