Friday, June 4, 2010

Jules, How old are you?

4 months? What? You can't believe it and neither can I!

I know I say this a lot. but seriously time has just been going at lightening speed. Before having Julianna it never felt like time moved this fast. Before Mommywood the days, weeks, months and years seemed to just crawl by and now with just a blink of an eye I go from morning to night, Sunday to Friday and May to June. It is like becoming a Mommy puts you in a crazy time warp. I never really fully understood it when people would tell me "Enjoy all your time with the baby. It goes by soooo fast" but now I do (because it's the truth!!) and it is one of the first things I always tell any of my friends who have just had a little one. Please slow down time, slow down!!

So, now that I am a little over the shock of having a 4 month old, lets catch up with Jules!

Jules likes to:
  • laugh - I LOVE it!
  • play with her feet
  • roll around
  • pet The Pooches
  • talk-baby babbling
  • be flown around the room
  • try to hold her bottle
  • try and sit up
  • play her piano
I love watching her learn new things. It is amazing how much she has changed in the last month. Her personality is shining brighter each and every day. I am always reminding myself to savor all the moments big and small because before I know it, it will be January again and we will be celebrating her 1st birthday. Mind boggling!

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  1. Its crazy how fast they grow!! My little man is crawling all over the house & getting into everything already & it seems like only yesterday that he was born!!

  2. My Granddaughter likes all those things except the bottle. She doesn't have one, but my daughter said that she figured out the sippy cup this week and she figured out how to roll around without getting her hand stuck. :)

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  3. She's soooo cute! I love her smile! And I was just looking at her 3 month pic and it's super precious too!

  4. She is adorable Ashley! Time really does fly by like crazy! My "baby" is turning 1 tomorrow and I swear it totally feels like he was just born.......they grow too fast!

  5. She's so cute! They grow up way to fast. I just started following you blog. :)