Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Rat Tail Went Buh-Bye!

Yes, it's true, Julianna had a rat pony tail. She has pretty much had it since she was born. I always thought it was kinda cute but  her daddy on the other hand? He hated it! He was always bugging me to let him cut it off and I of course refused!  I wanted to hold off getting her haircut for as long as possible. Why? I really don't have a good excuse, just that I didn't want her little baby hair to get chopped from her little baby head. Notice the emphasis on the word baby. As you can probably tell I am having some issues seeing as how Julianna will be turning 1 next week! ::tear:: Anyway, so yes, Julianna had her first haircut on Tuesday and she did fantastic! Jules is sporting some adorable side bangs and is now sans her mini mullet!

Some pictures...

I'm not choking her, I swear!

Yay!! All done!

 Admiring her new do!

What happened to Julianna's hair that was snipped? Well, I saved it of course! It is now safe and sound in an envelope in her memory box! 

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  1. Thanks for your comment Ash:) I can't believe she is nearly one too! They are getting too big too fast:( I had a slight melt down when Daniel shaved Ashton's head as well..I miss those curls! I hope they come back.
    And yeah for Tracy, haha.
    Lookin forward to followin your blog properly. I have finally entered into the blogging community side of things:)

  2. Can she be any cuter!? Wow Jules will be a year old next week? That is just so awesome. Are you having a birthday party for her? Love the pictures!
    Happy weekend :)

  3. thanks for a visit, i hope my photography tips will come handy when you take pics of this cutie! :)
    What camera did you get?

    p.s: following!

  4. Following through Bloggy Moms! What a cute layout you have!

  5. Sofia-I got a Nikon D3100. I really really like it! I am still super new at everything though!

  6. She's beautiful! Luckily, my little one doesn't have any hair to speak of (I'm sure that I would put off cutting it for forever...)! :)