Sunday, March 28, 2010

2 month letter

"Baby mine, don't you cry. Baby mine, dry your eyes. Rest your head close to my heart, Never to part, Baby of mine.If they knew sweet little you, They'd end up loving you too. What they'd give just for the right to hold you. From your head down to your toes, You're not much, goodness knows. But you're so precious to me, Sweet as can be, Baby of mine". ~ Alison Krauss

Dear Julianna,
Wow! Another month has come and gone and you are two months old. It is still hard to believe that you are my daughter and I am your Mommy. Being your mom has been such an amazing experience. I love watching you grow. You change a little more everyday. You have just started to smile on your own and when you smile at me it melts my heart every time. Your little cheeks and legs are starting to fill out and I absolutely love giving them a good squeeze! You love to snuggle close when you start to get sleepy and I am more than happy to let you snuggle as close as you want to. I love having you close to me. I can see your personality starting to form, you are such a laid back little girl, always so sweet and peaceful(well...except for when you met the Easter bunny!). How did I get so blessed? I Thank God that He chose me to be your Mother. I am so thankful for you sweet baby of mine.

I love you


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