Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Up,Up and Away!

On Friday Jules will be going on her first trip on an airplane! We are going to New Jersey to visit the family. I am so excited for her to meet everyone, especially her Great Grandma (G.G. as we like to call her) ! It will be so amazing to see the four generations together. Julianna is the first Great Grandchild so i am sure she will be getting tons of attention and loving every minute of it! I am a little anxious to see how she will do on the flight. I hope she will be her usual laid back self and not mind the different environment and take a nice long nap all the way to Jersey.....and if not, at least Grandma and Grandpa will be with us to provide some entertainment! Now the packing begins! I will have to keep reminding myself that we are only staying for 8 days not 8 weeks. Jules and I will be sharing a luggage...will I be able to contain everything to just 1? I hope so!!

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