Thursday, April 22, 2010

Are You Pooping?

I ask Jules this question on a daily basis. 1.) I enjoy holding a dialogue with her, because it is just her and I most of the time. 2.) I always get an answer. Of course she doesn't actually answer me, well, not with words anyway. When you have a child you become pretty good at recognizing the cues that are given, and what will follow those particular hints. I will be using Julianna's pooping cues as an example.

I find these to be very useful. I know whats coming, before her poo has even hit the diaper, and it won't be long before the glorious appearance. I may know this now, but at first I didn't and had to learn , just like any first time mom. Knowing can make a world of a difference!

These are the telltale signs (in order) Jules is getting ready for some business:
  • her face gets red, like really red
  • eyes begin to water
  • usually some grunting
  • becomes a squirmy worm
  • when she was really tiny she always use to claw her face. ( not anymore!)
  • then kaboom! The sounds that come out of her bum amaze me sometimes and even can startle the pooches!!
  • a sly smile tells me the job is done
The last sign is a very important one because if you rush to change her before then, you run the risk of getting projectile pooped on. Which is never fun and always a big mess! I have learned this lesson and I am proud to say I have only been projectile pooped on one time. I am sorry to say, the same cannot be said for her daddy.

Now, after every poop I just pray there is no excess leakage!

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  1. now isn't it sad when our daily conversations involve i am so happy to be over that.

  2. cracking up over here... you definitely learn some lessons quickly!

  3. Good news, the poop talk never ends! DH and I talk about poop no less than 5 times a day. (although recently it's about my poop...or lack thereof) and when I ask Em is she's pooping she normally lies to me and says "no" while grunting.

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  5. It is so funny how much you talk about poop when you become a mommy!

  6. Isn't it amazing how little they are and yet they make a big mess! Lol...Following you from MBC!

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  7. I've got news for you, you're going to be asking that well into the years when she can answer, and the answer will be "NO!" as her face turns red and the grunting starts. LOL! That's what we're going through now with our 2 1/2 year old. SweetPea knows what I'm talking about. :-)

    --Jen (

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  9. Awesome. Our little man went through all those tell-tale signs, plus grabbing his ears. Now he just says "Mummy, go in the hallway" which means he wants to be alone. At which point we sweep him into the bathroom and attempt to coax out the poop on the potty, MOST of the time unsuccessfully!

    Following you from MBC. :)

  10. your blog is so cute and your stories about your little one are priceless! and just wait, the pooping gets funnier as they get older :)

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