Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Jules her 2 month shots tomorrow! I am nervous!! I don't want her to be in pain. I don't want to hear her cry the cry that starts off with her face turning bright red, her mouth wide open but no sound coming out until a few seconds after she catches her breath. I am soooo glad that her daddy will be there with us tomorrow. I was thinking about asking to space the shots out so we can do some tomorrow and some at another appointment, so its not too much all at once. What do you think - Is it better to just get them all over with at one appointment or to have them spaced out? I would love to hear some tips that will help us out! I will try to update tomorrow on how everything went. ::eeekk::

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  1. Following from MBC!! VEry cute babygirl and blog!!

  2. Definitely do them all at once. It's not so bad. It's actually pretty sweet cuz they'll give her shots, she'll definitely cry, but as soon as you pick her up, she'll stop! And you'll think, "Oh my! So this is the joy of motherhood! Drying tears!!!" And just think - at least it's a girl - sitting through circumcisions is just heart-wrenching! :) She'll do great - but yeah - definitely all at once is my advice!

  3. Welcome to mommyhoood.
    Please give your baby one shot at a time and do not give her multiple shots altogether.
    Some studies found out that multiple shots to babies cause autism. Hope you don't mind me giving you unsolicited advice.

    Following you from MBC!
    Hope you visit and follow my sites too!