Monday, April 12, 2010

Oh Target, You're Sooo Tricky

Target and I have a Love/Hate relationship...They loooovvee making me feel like I'm getting a good deal and I hate that I just keep going back for more! So because of that little fact, I always end up spending more money than I originally planned on in the first place.When I find something that catches my eye, I somehow find a way to justify buying it- " Aww, that outfit is sooo adorable! How much is it? $9.99, that is such a good deal! I'll get just this one." But it never seems to stop at just one, because when you move on to the next rack you find another thing that is more adorable than the first and the vicious cycle continues!Probably another thing that doesn't help my cause is that I could spend hours in there ( sometimes I do), just walking up and down every aisle to see whats new. Oh, and the $1.00 section... they might as well call it the $5,$10 or $15.00 section. It is evil. Even with me knowing all of this about Target, I still LOVE it! And that my friends is why Target is sooo tricky!

Pssst! Here are a few of those adorable little outfits that I just couldn't leave Target without!

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  1. Awww, these are so cute!

    Visiting & following from MBC :)

  2. I always say that Target has a cover charge of at least $50! Because I can't make it out for less than that. I too will spend hours walking up and down the asiles just to see what they have. That's often where I spend my "alone" time when K is in town and I need a break from the baby. Target is my place of worship. :)