Friday, July 9, 2010

Do I Need This?

Now that Jules has been started on the road of solids, I find myself wanting to make the next foods she will be eating instead of buying them already made.I never thought I would want to make my own baby food but here I am, excited to get started! While doing some research I came across this gadget: the Beaba Babycook

I know it's not exactly cheap and I wonder if the Beaba is actually worth the $$$. So, my question is- If you make your own baby food, do you own one of these? Is it worth the investment? Any tips that will help me become Top baby food Chef?

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  1. Hey Ashley,
    My son is over 1 year now and i started feeding him gerber baby food from 4-6 months, then moved onto making my own baby food - which was much tastier, healthier, etc. I used 'magic bullet' mixer/blender. As long as you can puree, i feel no need to buy any expensive gadget.

  2. I looked into the Beaba Cook too and decided it wasn't worth the money. I bought a simple steamer/rice cooker from Kohl's and use the Kitchen Aid food processor I already had to whip up big batches and freeze them in these cute little baby food cubes from Buy, Buy Baby. I heard that the Beaba can only make small batches at a time and is tough to clean. It's definitely cute though! I love making my own baby food and it's been super easy so far!

  3. I also researched different gadgets for making baby food and decided to 'test' out my blender first before making a purchase. So glad I did because the blender has worked out perfectly! I think the only thing I bought was a steamer basket for like $8 and ice cube trays. Good luck, it's so exciting your little one is about to try new tastes:)

  4. Hey Ashley,
    I made my daughter her own food as much as I could. I used a simple food processor. It did just fine. It was a little one, so it made things easier. Have a great night!

    Mama Hen

  5. My vote is no. A stove and my Magic Bullet (OMG LOVE THAT THING.) have done the trick for us all along!

  6. I used the food processor to make all of my foods and then froze them in baby food ice cube trays. If your little one is anything like my boy the bowl on the Beaba just doesn't look big enough and you'll be making food all the time. I was making 1-3 dishes a week and the boy was still steam rolling through them. Check out the Book "The Baby's Table" for great recipes!! amber :)