Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sleep is Overrated

No, not for me but apparently for Julianna it is! On Monday morning my Jules figured out how to sit up on her knees and look over the crib. This was the first time I had ever seen her do anything like this, so you can imagine my surprise when I went in to check on her and found her like this:

I was excited and all "Yay my baby is learning new things!" but then this new thing she had just learned was waayy more fun than taking a nap and so we had a modified morning nap-which resulted in both of us getting a morning snooze on my bed while Daddy changed the sheets & lowered the crib mattress a notch.

So , lets cut to afternoon nap, shall we? Well, I so naively thought by lowering the mattress a notch our exploringduringnaptime would be solved and I was confident Julianna would go to sleep no problem, just as she had been doing the day before. It had been a few minutes since I heard her, so I figured she had fallen asleep and was thinking YAY problem solved!Until... when I went in to check on her and was in complete SHOCK when I found her like this:

OhEmGee!! Are you serious?? I can't believe she is standing in her crib!! She just learned how to get on her knees this morning!
How is she doing this? She is not even 6 months old yet!!

Those were all the crazy thoughts running around in my head when I saw her just standing there. I think we were both in shock that she actually managed such a victory. Of course, since standing up in your crib is waaayy more fun than actually sleeping in it, not much sleeping has been taking place in it!

Do you want to know something? Even though she has been such a rambunctious little monkey in her crib, when she sleeps in the bassinet in our room, she falls right to sleep! We plan on transitioning her to the crib full time starting this weekend and I just hope it will be a smoother transition than these past two days.

Any helpful tips that might help make this transition easier for both of us?

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p.s. the pictures are from my phone, that's why they are not the greatest!


  1. Wow! Standing already! She just can't wait to go go go! She is gorgeous! I transitioned my Squish to his crib around the same age. The thing that worked best was consistancy. Naps, and Nightime all in the crib. Good Luck!

  2. These pictures are great! Get ready for the fun Ashley! He, he, he! Look how cute she is kneeling and standing. Just make sure the crib is low enough and make sure you don't have any sharp edged tables. get the foam things for the corners. She is ready to move along! How cute!

    Mama Hen

  3. You SO don't need to sleep. lol. Congrats, you've been awarded...come see it here: :)

  4. how sweet! i love the images of your little angel. she is very cute and ready to go :)