Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Entering the Land of Solids

Julianna had her first taste of oatmeal! I wasn't expecting her to enjoy her first taste of solids so much but I was pleasantly surprised that she did! She kept grabbing my hand to bring the spoon closer to her mouth and even tried to grab the bowl from me a few times. If Jules was this excited about oatmeal, I can only imagine how excited she will be with the other new flavors that will be coming her way! And Now that we are entering the land of solids,I hear we will be entering the land of "real" poop next. True or False?
First bite!


  1. SO adorable! I think starting solids is so much fun! Unfortunately yes, the poop does get "real" with the solids (and so stinky!)!

  2. Too cute!

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  3. Get ready for the poop Ashley! He, he, he! As with everything else, you will think that even her poop is cute because she is your little beautiful baby! So cute!

    Mama Hen

  4. Hey I found your blog from the mommy monologues!! You daughter is gorgeous and woohoo for solids, and woohoo for real poop haha!

    Shelby @

  5. Your baby is cute!!

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  6. Yes, for sure the land of the Real Poop! Don't be scared! It smells far worse than it looks!